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Hey There,

I'm Angie, your friendly curl expert, here to support you in your curl journey.

Angie, the curl specialist.

With more than 25 years in, I have been around the block of hairdressing. Starting in 1997, I began my journey in a mall salon (also as a cutting educator) for seven years, then took my business to my home for a few more. Salon ownership was never a dream of mine, but an opportunity presented itself and I jumped right in! I recently closed my salon after 16 years and am now focusing on life behind the chair.

My journey into curls began very organically. Early on, I noticed that many of my clients had texture in their hair and I loved to show them how to enhance it. It got to the point that most curly haired people were being booked with me, so I embraced it and dove into learning more about curly hair.

I enjoy gardening and houseplants, spending time with my son and family, crafting, decor, house music and listening to audio books.

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