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The Balanced Life Co Natural Deodorant

The Balanced Life Co Natural Deodorant

►all natural deodorant with no chemicals or aluminium

►citrus and pine scent (essential oils)

►contains naturally produced baking soda which neutralizes odor


►if you are making the switch from store bought antiperspirant to our natural deodorant, most of our customers find the transition seamless. However, if you do not achieve the results from our deodorant that you are looking for immediately, please be consistent and use it for at least 1 month. This enables your body to detox from what you were using. Regular exfoliation of your underarm will enhance overall results.

►this deodorant is NOT an antiperspirant, it will not stop you from sweating but it will help absorb sweat and minimize odor

►if you have tried natural deodorant before and got a burning, itching rash, please try the Sensitive Skin Formula

►packaged in a 75ml/2.5oz oval stick twist up container

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